Superbowl For Many Means Food, Food, Food!

The Super bowl is here and while many love the game and can't wait to see all the action, there is a flip side. There are a large number of people who don't know who's even playing in the game or what this "Deflate-gate" thing is all about. Spoiler Alert: The New England Patriots wil be playing The Seattle Seahawks in the game. Just google 'Deflate-gate" for a mountain of info and opinions on it.

For some the BIG GAME is all about the party, the food, and the halftime show...Yay for Katy Perry!

Instead of the usual fatty and unhealthy fare, try some of these great tips from Pop Sugar for a fun, delicious, and healthy good time!


Tip #3

  • Skinny dips: Most cheese- or sour-cream-based dips will blow your calorie budget and pile on a lot of unhealthy saturated fat. I serve black bean dip and hummus, which provide protein and fiber and keep saturated fat low. For example, Sabra Classic Hummus has just 35 calories and less than a gram of saturated fat per tablespoon compared to nearly two grams of saturated fat in a tablespoon of regular sour cream. I also use hummus for a stand-in for mayo on sandwiches and when making deviled eggs. Click here to read More at Pop Sugar

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