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Located in Downtown Hampton at 104 Elm St; Hampton, SC 29924



The Cancer Thrift Store Hampton  is a Non Profit 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is to support the local community, especially those affected by cancer.  


Our goal is to become the leading organization to provide education, financial support, and community awareness programs in Hampton and the surrounding areas. We provide financial assistance with things such as patient medical costs, housing costs, and transportation to and from treatment centers.  We are planning programs that educate patients, their families, and also the community about cancer.  The Cancer Thrift Store Hampton is a place for cancer survivors and people who have lost loved ones to cancer to gather and draw strength by sharing their stories with one another. 


Often times, programs think of the patient, but forget about the people who love and care for the patient.  We make family, friends, and community members who support cancer patients a priority in our programs.  We offer awareness programs so that people who want to help can learn how to help.  We guide families to resources that help explain the disease to children who are directly and indirectly affected by cancer.  


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