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5 Ways We’re Helping Cancer Warriors Take Their Lives Back

Cancer Prevention Beaufort South Carolina Thrift Store

Each day we work hard to create a welcoming and happy place for our community to visit, shop, and feel at home. We’re a one of a kind thrift store with a beautiful mission to help cancer patients recover what they lose mentally, financially, and physically throughout their fight with the disease!

We achieve our mission with the help of the community, wonderful volunteers, and donations from people just like you!

Here are 5 ways we help cancer warriors take their lives back:

1. Cancer Prevention and Awareness Programs - resources on how to prevent cancer

2. Cancer Education Materials - brochures on treatments, care giving, and understanding a diagnosis

3. Financial Support - help paying medical and household bills

4. Emotional Support - resources for taking care of mental health when dealing with cancer

5. A Community of Support - friendly, understanding people who have been where you are or are simply dedicated to helping you through your fight. No one should fight cancer alone!

Cancer Thrift Store Beaufort SC Cancer Help

The Cancer Thrift Store is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 whose mission is to support cancer patients and their families.

Visit our Facebook page to find out more about the great things we're doing in to build a supportive community and how YOU can get involved too!

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